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Simplex Closed-Loop Water-Sealed Liquid Ring Priming Systems

Q-VAC’s simplex priming systems using closed-loop, water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pumps are a great choice for priming applications where the attributes of liquid ring technology are preferred, but a continuous supply of seal water is either not available or needs to be conserved.  Instead of continuously supplying new seal water to the vacuum pump like a typical water sealed system, a small water reservoir and air-cooled heat exchanger are utilized in a closed loop arrangement.  This design allows the vacuum pump to run continuously without overheating and without needing a large seal water tank to dissipate heat.  If the seal water reservoir level drops too low due to evaporation, a level switch will activate an alarm circuit to protect the vacuum pump and notify the operators.

Q-VAC’s closed-loop water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump priming systems are available in sizes from 1.5 HP and larger.  PLC controls are standard to provide increased safety, enhanced features, and the most reliable operation.

Simplex Closed-Loop Water-Sealed Liquid Ring Priming Systems
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