The Comprehensive Source for Priming


A well-designed priming system allows the use of more reliable, longer lasting, cost-effective pump technologies (i.e. standard, non-self-priming vs. self-priming pumps) while ensuring that pumps are always ready to start immediately without troublesome start-up procedures. They eliminate the possibility of a pump becoming air-bound or losing its prime, and they can even increase pumping efficiency by continuously removing air trapped in the pump volute.  Finally, since only one priming system is needed to prime multiple pumps, installation costs are lower, and run-time is limited, the overall cost of ownership is lower than other options.

Vacuum priming provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures that every pump is fully primed
  • Allows use of the most efficient, reliable, and lowest cost pumps
  • Increases pump efficiency and can reduce power requirements
  • Ensures that pumps don’t lose their prime or become air bound
  • Eliminates time-consuming start-up procedures and glitches
  • Reduces construction and equipment expenses
  • Eliminates the need to fill pumps and suction piping with water
  • Eliminates costly, unreliable foot valves
  • Reduces the costs associated with downtime and more frequent capital expenses
  • Since a priming system is largely a non-wetted component, it does not require expensive materials of construction
Benefits of Vacuum Priming
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