The Comprehensive Source for Priming

Standard Capacity Priming Valves

Q-VAC’s QV-series priming valves provide economical and dependable performance for low and medium flow applications.  The long body design and level sensitive float effectively separates the vacuum piping from the water piping while providing continuous air removal from the pumps and process piping.

Designed for both clean water and wastewater applications, our standard valves comply with both AWWA C512 and NSF 61 requirements and are constructed with heavy-duty cast iron, a durable, non-stick fusion bonded epoxy coating internally and externally, and 316SS trim.  This combination creates an economical valve with high strength and exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, even in aggressive water.  For high flow applications or projects that require 100% stainless steel construction, our HCPV-series priming valves should be used.

Priming Valve
Vacuum Priming Valve Drawing
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