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Oil-lubricated Rotary Vane

Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum OumpsQ-VAC priming systems with oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are an excellent choice for priming applications that require high performance, low power consumption, a compact footprint, ease of installation, and lower cost.  Oil-lubricated rotary vane systems are our customer’s most common selection.  This technology has been used successfully for both clean water and wastewater applications, however it is especially well suited for clean water projects installed indoors.  Standard sizes are offered from 0.4 HP to 10 HP, however larger sizes are available. This vacuum pump technology provides the deepest vacuum levels (typically 29.9” Hg or higher) and the highest volumetric efficiency.

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION:  Oil-lubricated Rotary Vane Technology

In a cylindrical housing, a rotor is located eccentrically on a shaft near the top of the cylinder. Free moving vanes are positioned inside slots cut into the rotor. When the vacuum pump is started, centrifugal force slides the vanes outward against the cylinder creating multiple chambers, or cells, between the vanes, rotor, and cylinder.

The vanes hydroplane on a thin bead of oil which eliminates wear, creates excellent sealing, and removes heat. As the rotor turns, the cell volume is constantly increasing or decreasing, inversely affecting the pressure inside each cell. When the air reaches the discharge port, it is expelled after going through several stages of air-oil filtration.

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