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Water Traps

A priming valve should not normally leak.  However, given repeated use the elastomer sealing surfaces of a priming valve can begin to wear, making valve maintenance necessary.  Until a new seal kit is installed, it is possible for water to leak past the priming valve and end up in the priming system.  While Q-VAC systems are designed for this situation, most customers prefer to install our CVA-series clear water traps in front of their priming system to more quickly determine that valve maintenance is necessary and prevent a more serious issue from developing.

Unlike liquid separators from other companies, our CVA-series water traps provide effective protection against liquids, and 100% leak-free process isolation when full.  Standard features include an internal baffle to separate harmful liquids from the inlet air, a clear housing for quick visual inspection of liquid levels, a specially shaped float with an elastomer seat, brass shut off valves, a vacuum release valve, manual drain, and liquid filled vacuum gauge.  The included valve package allows for easy draining without tools or piping disruptions.

The CVA-series is available with standard connection sizes from 1/2″ FNPT to 4″ FNPT. Available options include BSPP connections and special head coatings. For small flow applications, ask about our CVP series liquid traps.

Water Traps
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