The Comprehensive Source for Priming

Outdoor Enclosures

Although most vacuum priming systems are installed indoors, we understand that this is not always possible.  Nevertheless, to reduce the potential of damage caused by the weather, we highly recommend protecting every system from direct exposure to the sun, extreme temperatures, and the elements.  As The Comprehensive Source for Priming, Q-VAC systems are now available with high quality, economical, outdoor enclosures suitable for any environment.  These sturdy and compact enclosures are designed to provide long-term protection against severe outdoor conditions, along with easy access for routine maintenance and monitoring.  Standard features include marine grade aluminum, polyisocyanurate foam insulation (R9-R18), air louvers, and removable access panels equipped with lockable door handles.  Thermostatically controlled heaters and exhaust fans are standard options.  Air conditioning and a variety of exterior color options are available.

Priming System Enclosure
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