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Why Vacuum Priming?Why Vacuum Priming?

Before most pumps can begin operating they must first be filled with liquid. This process is known as priming. Priming is not difficult when the water source is above a pump, but it can be a major problem when the water source is lower. Although site excavation and several pump technologies can deal with this problem, most operators and engineers agree that common issues such as higher costs, lower reliability, and more frequent pump replacements are less than ideal. Q-VAC priming systems solve these problems and allow the use of more reliable, cost-effective pump technologies. A single Q-VAC system automatically maintains prime on every pump connected to it so pumps are ready to start immediately without troublesome start-up procedures.

Vacuum priming should be considered in any of the following situations:

  • Your pumps are located above your water source
  • You want to reduce pump costs by using more cost-effective, longer-lasting designs
  • You want to increase reliability, efficiency, and life by using non-self-priming pumps
  • You want to start your pumps without time-consuming start-up procedures or glitches
  • Your pumps lose prime during operation
  • You want to reduce new construction excavation costs and installation expenses
  • You want to eliminate expensive, unreliable foot valves
  • You need to establish and maintain a siphon
Why Vacuum Priming Introduction
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