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“I found Q-VAC working on a very particular project that required pumps to pull from an underground storage tank where the client did not want to use turbine pumps or a submerged foot valve.

Our team came up with a few “creative” solutions, but I personally felt there were pitfalls that we were overlooking, and I knew there had to be a better solution.

An internet search finally brought Q-VAC across my screen, and I took the next day to dive into the product and understand it.

What I liked about the system was that it was very simple, the good kind of simple.

The fact that Q-VAC has been installed in municipal water plants, commercial ships, and naval ships (not to mention a long list of other industrial applications) gave me the confidence to reach out.

I got into contact with Greg, and he was able to walk me through a typical installation and help me size a system for our project.

It was well received by the customer, and we landed the job!

Great product, great customer service, great engineering advice.  What more can you ask for?”

Engineering Manager
Packaged Pump Systems Manufacturer

“I’ve been impressed with the quality of service and products I’ve received from Q-VAC.  Long after the sale has completed, I’m still able to receive quick turnaround for technical support.  The ordering process was very easy.  Greg and his team worked to sell us exactly what we needed to accomplish our goals.  We had such success with our first purchase we went back to Q-VAC to purchase another vacuum priming skid.  Our operators have been pleased with the ease of use and the increased performance of the equipment that has been served by the Q-VAC skids.”

System Engineer
Nuclear Power Station

If pump-priming equipment is needed, I highly recommend you consider Combined Fluid Products…

“In desperation, we searched the Internet for pump priming systems and found Combined Fluid Products Company (CFP) as a potential supplier. The company appeared to have a strong background and the products we believed were needed. When the company was contacted, we talked to Mr. Gregory Kist, Vice President of Sales & Engineering. What a relief it was working with someone that knew pump priming issues, and had the experience and products needed for our application. Mr. Kist was very responsive and helpful, and even gave us his cell phone number so we could contact him over the weekend, should we have more questions or need further assistance.

Mr. Kist recommended a complete Q-VAC Priming System package that would satisfy our pump priming requirements. He provided detailed specifications, layout arrangement drawings, a detailed cost proposal, and technical support. I have been in the engineering business for nearly 50 years, and I can honestly rate Mr. Kist and CFP in the top tier of professionals and equipment providers that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Senior Project Engineer
Engineering Firm

“For 25 years, I have been in the water well/sewage/effluent movement industry. During a recent waste water treatment plant project, we needed to bring the effluent to our utility booster pumps. I needed to overcome 5’ elevation to the suction of my pumps, and the engineer specified a vacuum assist system. I reached out to Tom Neff at Combined Fluid Products Company and purchased a Q-VAC system. Tom assisted me through the entire start up and supported the equipment months after the sale.

Without question, the quality of Q-VAC’s equipment, field support, and technical knowledge is second to none!  I have recommended Q-VAC to other folks in our industry and will continue to do so.”

Engineering Manager
Water/Waste Water Industry

You make my life easy!

At a recent WEFTEC tradeshow in Chicago, a Q-VAC customer in the Municipal Industry stopped in our booth and said simply that statement. You can understand why it is one of our most favorite testimonials.

It is so good to see a company stand behind their product and give support after the sale…

“It has been wonderful working with you on this project.  It is so good to see a company stand behind their product and give support after the sale.  As you know the Q-Vac unit we bought to integrate into our packaged system was damaged in transit to our customer.  The quick response time and knowledgeable support staff made it really easy to get the correct replacement parts out to my customer in a timely manner.  Not only that, but then troubleshooting some remaining issues with the site personnel you were able to get the Q-Vac system up and running for then in no time.

I want to thank you for all the support throughout this project but especially how your team responded when we needed you most.  You wouldn’t believe how happy my customer is with the technical support you provided and all the help getting them up and running after the unfortunate shipping damage to our package.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with y’all again.”

Senior Project Manager
Major Pump Manufacturer

Best investment I’ve made in a long time…I should have done this 5 years ago!

“I use it every irrigation season, multiple times, to prime my irrigation pump out of a canal. About a 12-foot lift. Has performed very well. No issues at all. Very happy with the product.”

Agriculture Industry

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