The Comprehensive Source for Priming

Automatic Tank Drain Systems

Significant liquid accumulation in a priming system’s vacuum receiver is indicative of a larger problem or maintenance issue that should be addressed promptly.  However, for customers that feel more comfortable having an automatic drain, Q-VAC offers an advanced tank drain system that operates automatically, and even more importantly, provides notification that it has been activated.

Designed as a stand-alone module that can be added to new or existing vacuum priming systems, our AutoDrain system will drain the vacuum receiver without interruption to the priming process.  A NEMA 4 enclosed control panel with PLC is standard to provide AutoDrain sequencing, HMI, an illuminated LCD display, and dry contacts for remote monitoring.  For best results, the AutoDrain system should be located at a lower elevation than the priming system.  When this isn’t possible, Q-VAC can provide an integrated AutoDrain system for new priming systems.

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