The Comprehensive Source for Priming

How Does it Work?

When a Q-VAC priming system is first started, a vacuum is created which removes the air from the suction piping and pumps.  As the vacuum level increases, the water level rises at a predictable rate until each pump is fully flooded and the float-actuated priming valve closes. Concurrently, the pump’s prime status is verified by a level switch which is wired to the customer’s controls.  At this point, any pump can be started at any time.  Should the water level drop at any time, the priming valve will open and vacuum within the air receiver will immediately restore the water level to ensure that the prime is never lost. 

It is important to note that a Q-VAC priming system operates independently from the pumps being primed. It ONLY cycles “on” to restore the vacuum level between preset control setpoints.  In most cases, a Q-VAC priming system only runs a few hours per day, even if the pumps are running continuously.

How does vacuum priming work?
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