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Pre-Engineered & Custom SystemsPre-Engineered and Custom Systems

“All vacuum priming systems are not created equal”

Q-VAC offers the widest selection of pre-engineered priming systems on the market.  Our standard systems have been designed by vacuum experts who work with priming systems on a daily basis and know which features and components offer the best value, performance, and life.  Although our standard systems are ideal for 99% of applications, when necessary we will design custom systems to better meet the needs of our customers.  Unlike systems specified by people with little vacuum priming experience, Q-VAC custom priming systems are designed by vacuum priming experts to ensure ease of use along with the best performance, durability, and value.

Q-VAC’s pre-engineered vacuum systems are specifically designed for the challenges of priming applications in the municipal, industrial, agricultural, marine, and power industries. Each Q-VAC priming system is equipped with all the necessary accessories, controls, and safety features needed for high performance and long, trouble-free operation. Convenience features like single point connections, extended oil lines with drain valves, and vacuum release valves are standard to facilitate quick and trouble-free maintenance. With hundreds of systems currently in operation around the world, no other priming system manufacturer offers our expertise, attention to detail, or service.

Innovative, User-Friendly Designs

Everyone knows that if equipment is complicated to use, or difficult to maintain, it is less likely that recommended procedures will be followed.  That’s why Q-VAC systems are designed to make operation easy and maintenance quick. Below is an example of the typical features included in our duplex rotary vane and duplex liquid ring priming systems. Rest assured, the same attention to detail is included in all Q-VAC systems.

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