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Q-VAC Keeps Pumps Primed Automatically

Priming System Operation

Principle of Operation

A Q-VAC priming system operates automatically to establish and maintain a prime on all connected pumps. This is accomplished by piping a vacuum line from the Q-VAC system to a priming valve installed in the suction piping and housing of each pump. The differential pressure created by the priming system draws water up the suction line, lifting it into each pump. As air is removed, and the vacuum level increases, the water level will rise until the pump is fully flooded and the float-actuated priming valve closes. Should the water level drop at any time, the priming valve will open and vacuum within the air receiver will immediately restore the water level to ensure that the prime is never lost.

It is important to note that during automatic operation the priming system operates independently from the pumps being served and will cycle on only when needed to maintain a preset vacuum range.

To provide verification that a pump is primed and ready to run, a proof-of-prime level switch, installed in the priming valve, provides a signal that can be connected to the pumpís motor controller or used to actuate a prime status indicator light.

In the unlikely event that a priming valve fails and water begins to flood the priming system, a high water level switch, installed in the air receiver, will active the alarm circuit and shut the priming system off to prevent system damage. To allow remote monitoring of certain alarm conditions, dry alarm contacts are standard within the Q-VAC control panel.

A Q-VAC priming system will increase water pump efficiency by removing entrained air while eliminating the possibility of a pump becoming air bound. Automatic operation of a Q-VAC priming system ensures that every connected pump is always primed.


We offer the best value in quality automatic vacuum priming systems for centrifugal water pump priming, siphon control systems, and water box primers.  Q-VAC Priming Systems are ideal for power plants, municipal water systems and wastewater treatment plants, industrial applications, irrigation systems, steel mills, and marine applications.  Please contact us for expert assistance in selecting the best solution for your application.

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