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Oil-lubricated Rotary Vane Technology
In Vacuum Priming Systems


–5 acfm to 215 acfm typical
–˝ horsepower to 10 horsepower
–Deepest vacuum capability, 29.9” HgV (0.4 Torr)
–Highest efficiency
–Easiest installation
–Moderate maintenance


In a cylindrical housing, a rotor is located eccentrically on a shaft near the top of the cylinder. Free moving vanes are positioned inside slots cut into the rotor. When the vacuum pump is started, centrifugal force slides the vanes outward against the cylinder creating multiple chambers, or cells, between the vanes, rotor, and cylinder.

The vanes hydroplane on a thin bead of oil which eliminates wear, creates excellent sealing, and removes heat. As the rotor turns, the cell volume is constantly increasing or decreasing, inversely affecting the pressure inside each cell. When the air reaches the discharge port, it is expelled after going through several stages of air/oil filtration.

We offer the best value in quality automatic vacuum priming systems for centrifugal water pump priming, siphon control systems, and water box primers.  Q-VAC Priming Systems are ideal for power plants, municipal water systems and wastewater treatment plants, industrial applications, irrigation systems, steel mills, and marine applications.  Please contact us for expert assistance in selecting the best solution for your application.

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