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Standard Models

Rotary Vane Vacuum Priming Systems

Simplex Rotary Vane   Duplex Rotary Vane
Learn about the AutoPurge option.

Duplex Vacuum PrimerVacuum Priming System


Liquid Ring Vacuum Priming Systems

Simplex Liquid Ring   Duplex Liquid Ring

   Simplex Liquid Ring Priming System  Duplex Liquid Ring Priming System

Rotary Vane Priming Systems
Q-VAC priming systems using oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps provide the highest efficiency, lowest cost, and deepest vacuum levels.  This technology is highly reliable and the easiest to install.  This is the most common vacuum technology selected by our customers.  Learn more about rotary vane vacuum pumps.


Liquid Ring Priming Systems

Q-VAC priming systems using liquid ring vacuum pumps offer high reliability, the largest flow capacities, and the lowest maintenance requirements.  They are available in several materials of construction and have no metal-to-metal contact.  Although liquid ring vacuum pumps require a continuous supply of fresh water during operation, they are undamaged when ingesting saturated air, small amounts of liquids, and soft solids.    Learn more about liquid ring vacuum pumps.


Additional Vacuum Technologies
Q-VAC priming system using oil-less piston vacuum pumps provide reliable, economical performance in a small package.  Our miniature priming systems often incorporate piston technologies.   Learn more about WOB-L piston technology often incorporated in miniature, manual priming systems.


Q-VAC engineers are vacuum experts.  When a special application requires it, we are able to design priming systems using a variety of additional vacuum technologies.


Special Options and Larger Systems Available on Pump Primers

In addition to our standard models, larger simplex and duplex priming systems and special options are available.



AutoPurge Option Helps Maintain Vacuum Pumps in Peak Condition

Q-VAC’s AutoPurge feature is a recommended option for any rotary vane system with PLC controls. This option adds special programming and NEMA 4 electrically operated isolation valves for each vacuum pump. When signaled to stop by the PLC, the isolation valve will close and the vacuum pump will draw in fresh, dry air through a special port prior to shutting down. This feature can greatly extend oil change intervals and helps maintain the vacuum pumps in peak condition.

We offer the best value in quality automatic vacuum priming systems for centrifugal water pump priming, siphon control systems, and water box primers.  Q-VAC Priming Systems are ideal for power plants, municipal water systems and wastewater treatment plants, industrial applications, irrigation systems, steel mills, and marine applications.  Please contact us for expert assistance in selecting the best solution for your application.

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